Gwyn Peterdi

Gwyn Peterdi first encountered Circle Dance in 1987 and immediately saw its unique potential to help us move into the Ecological Age. From that moment on she has continually organized Circle Dance events and taught in many places including USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, and Uruguay.
Gwyn PeterdiShe has helped thousands of people find joy through movement, and encouraged and trained many to become teachers and share this amazing art.
Gwyn is a founder of New England Circle Dance Camp and Mexico Circle Dance Festival, and is a featured teacher at hundreds of workshops from pure Circle Dance to the healing arts to Permaculture, as well as the Festival del Verano en Argentina and the Econtro Brasileiro de Danças Circulares in Brasil.
She has a BA in Ecology and Health, is a Certified Massage Therapist, a yoga practitioner, a teacher of Paneurhythmy, and many of her choreographies are world-wide favorites.
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“Uma eterna aprendiz”, Gwyn has studied with great teachers such as Anna Gahlin, Peter Vallance, Colin and Ann Harrison, Stefan and Bethan Freedman, Laura Shannon, Mandy de Winter, Steve Kotansky, Yves Moreau, Pablo Scornik, Atanas Kolorovski, Ahmet Lüleci, Joe Graziosi, Rena Karyofyllidou, Lucia Cordeiro, and countless others, and has traveled to study traditional dance in Greece, Bulgaria, and Hungary.
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